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Magnetic garage door screens  8x7, 9x7, 10x7, 12x7, 16x7 FT and 8x8, 9x8, 10x8, 12x8,12x10 16x8, 16x9, 18x8, 18x9 FT for garage doors

- Fresh air and Daylight in, Invasive nature out

- Move handsfree, automatic magnet screen

- Easy and fast to install, no tools needed

We are your one-stop shop to find the right size!

Magnetic garage door  screen 10x8 FT SMALL.jpg


  • ⭐ FEEL THE BREEZE,  but not the stings. Keep unwanted nature out of your garage with our magnetic garage door screen, while you are working, fixing things or chilling out. Our light grey mesh screen provides protection from nature and heat, but lets in fresh air and daylight

  • ⭐ MOVE HANDSFREE - powerful magnets seal like magic this retractable garage door screen, while weights in the bottom hold it in place. You will fully enjoy your garage with our fabulous magnetic single garage door screen

  • ⭐ STRONG FIBERGLASS - this magnetic screen door mesh does not tear easily like many other products made of cheap polyester. For secure installation our adhesive hook & loop tape for the top frame is 2x wider at the top

  • ⭐ INSTANT INSTALLATION - our complete garage screen door kit includes all, no tools are needed. Anyone can install it with our simple manual. When not needed, roll it up with the included straps or remove easily from the Hook & loop strips for winter storage. We have all sizes for you 7 or 8 Ft tall garage.  

  • ⭐ RIGHT SIZE - at Alien System, our mission is to provide you with a screen, that fits your garage. Find the right size from our selection, and Try our Magnetic garage door screens today and see for yourself why they are out of this world!

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