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Attention garage owners who dislike bugs!

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

If you are tired of bugs in your garage, there is a way for bugs no more. Garage door screens can greatly improve the livability of your garage. Sliding garage screen doors are expensive and garage door screen diy is complicated, but there is another option.

You might have heard of magnetic garage door screens that are attached with hook & loop strips on the garage door frame. Or maybe you already have one? These are the most popular option for the ease of getting one, easy installation, hands-free entry and affordable price.

Here are a few tips related to installation that can greatly increase the usability and lifetime of your garage door screen.

How to avoid broken screens that don’t work as intended:

1. Measure carefully your door. There are some 10 readymade sizes that cover 99% of garages. The height is typically 8 or 7 feet and the length varies from 8 to 16 feet.

2. Install the screen ½ inch above the floor. Otherwise, the screen will rub against the concrete and get broken shortly. Also, the magnets cannot close the screen properly if the screen touches the ground.

3. Attach the screen at the middle ½ inch higher on the hook & loop. This way the magnets will snap together and close easily.

Time to enjoy the Garage! 😊

p.s. check out Alien System models here

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