Did you know?

 Covid-19 can survive up to 2 days on flat surfaces.

Most people touch there face over 500 times per day.

Germs enter a person through eyes, nose and mouth.

What if you can significantly reduce your risk of catching serious diseases? 

Introducing the Alien system

No touch keychain tool!

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Alien System No Touch Door Opener Tool – Virus Protection Handheld Keychain Tool – Contactless Door Opener Smart Key Tool to protect against infected surfaces, touchscreens, handles & buttons

  • NO MORE TOUCHING DIRTY SURFACES -  contactless door opener & ergonomic no touch tool is made of durable special Zinc alloy, with beneficial safe touch properties. A no touch door opener tool you will never leave home without!

  • PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR LOVED ONES - Hundreds of strangers touch public surfaces every day and most people unknowingly touch their face over 500 times a day. This safe pocketsize Door opener tool no touch needed will help keep your hands clean. 

  • EASY EVERYDAY USE - touchless key tool to minimize daily risks – your zero touch key for trips, smart key for ATMs, no touch keychain tool for elevators, keychain stylus for touchscreens and hands free door opener for public restrooms. 

  • MULTIPURPOSE AND COMPACT - many brass door opener tools are bulky & unattractive, don´t work on touchscreens or safe touching. Our compact keychain door opener has a bottle opener, works on touchscreens, press buttons and elevators.   

  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Durable, ergonomic and compact keychain tool that will not break. Attractive keychain touch tool design that fits easily into your pocket. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OFFER NOW, so that You can ENJOY YOUR PEACE OF MIND! 

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No touch keychain tool

  1. Limit your exposure touching public, unsanitary surfaces.

  2. The only way to do it, is to have a No touch tool with you always. The most simple solution is Alien system´s attractive sleek multipurpose Keychain.

  3. Antibacterial activity of copper and zinc is equal and better than most other metals. Since copper bends and discolors, our No touch tool is made of durable Zinc . 

Zinc top performing against microbes in scientific studies


Alien system’s no touch, multipurpose door opener tool was born from the simple realisation that virtually no importance has been placed on the possibility of catching germs and infection from touching every day surfaces.

A significant amount of viruses and bacteria are spread by having contact with infected surfaces and touching your face.

After careful consideration and recognising the urgent need, Alien system no touch tool with sleek design, shape and multifunctionality, was created. This, easy to carry, high quality tool becomes your keychain and fits nicely into your pocket.

Our no touch tool needed to combat germs and to be almost unbreakable. For those reasons, we chose Zinc as the base material, for it’s durability and it´s anti bacterial properties that are proven by science. Zinc outperforms most other materials used in no touch tools.

We always strive for the highest quality and strongly believe our product is one of the best on the market for limiting the risk of catching germs from touching surfaces. We truly regard that our device may even help save lives in ways that masks cannot!

Alien system Innovations-team


We pride on providing high quality products. Our objective is to innovate, invent and bring new value adding features to products. It is Alien system’s aim to create products that our customers find out of this world in terms of comfort, design and performance!

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Get the best No touch tool on the market, the original Alien system™, backed by science, designed with care. A simple choice to reduce unnecessary risks for you and your loved ones.


For corporate sales, please contact info@aliensystem.org

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