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Why Magnetic Garage Door Screens Are a Must-Have?

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Garage in the house should be used for multiple purposes instead of just a store room. For example, you can relax there by letting in the air by opening its doors. Or you can use it as your toddlers' play area.

And now you might be thinking: okay, the fresh air coming in is fine but what about those bugs? They also just dig in uninvitedly when you keep the garage doors open.

Well, for this you should definitely get Magnetic garage door screens.

They will let the air in and bugs out! Amazing, Right?

Here’s Why You Should Definitely Install Garage Screen Doors!

There are so many other reasons why everybody should add magnetic screens to their garage doors. Some include;

Double Wide Garage Door Screen Gives Protection From Heat

While talking about Keeping garage doors open, the first thing that comes to mind is the heat that may come in. So, magnetic garage doors are made considering this thing; they are designed in a way that keeps the fresh air coming in and blocks the heat and harmful sunlight rays.

So get these gray mesh screens and do your workout or just chill in the garage without any unwanted heat. Also, it will work as a two-door garage bug barrier.

Magnetic Door Screen Mesh is the Easiest To Install

Garage screen doors might seem difficult to install, they just seem like that. You might be surprised to know that they can be easily installed in less than half an hour even if you are trying them for the very first time in your life. Your ease and convenience are our priority and that is why we have got for you an ultimate complete garage screen door kit including all that is needed to install it in your garage. No need for extra tools and extra energy!

It is really simple and anyone can do it perfectly by using our manual that comes with the garage mesh screen.

Magnetic Garage Screen Doors Have a Variety of Sizes

We have the sizes 8x7, 9x7, 10x7, and 16x7 FT to ensure whatever your garage door size is, the screen can be installed there.

Not only that but also there come removable straps as well. So you can roll up the screen whenever you'd like and the hook and loop strips can also be removed easily.

With Light Gray Mesh Screen, Your garage will be Comfortable and Easily Accessible

A powerful magnet seals the screen for garage doors, while the weight in the bottom keeps it in place. There is no hassle at all for fixing or removing. So with this fabulous-looking magnetic single garage door screen, you and your family will be able to take full advantage of your garage.

Be smart, get a magnetic double car garage door seal and your garage area will no longer be just a storage room for placing household equipment or cars! You can use it for so many other things as well.

Magnetic Garage Door Screens Are of Top-Notch Quality

Magnetic mesh double screen doors are made up of durable high-tech fiberglass. That means it is not easily tearable. Premium raw materials are used while making this screen for the double doors. Not only that but also, for ultimate safe adhesion of the door, hook and loop tape is of 1.6" width; something that no other garage screen has. We are the best among all our competitors!

The Wrap Up

At Alien System, you’ll always get high-quality, innovative, and most importantly technology-driven products, be it garage screens, tool shelf racks, or power tool holders; everything you get from Alien System will be first class.

So what are you waiting for? Get your magnetic garage door screen today and you’ll be amazed by the incredible experience of adding them to your garage doors!

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